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You cannot buy a good night’s sleep. But you can increase the chances of winning! Choz! My friends know that I really invest in good mattress and sleep chenes. Honestly, we all want to buy different things, but before buying that bag or pair of shoes, isip isip pag may time kung ano talaga yung ginagamit nyo 8 hours a day. And that is your bed unless bet niyo matulog ng nakatayo. CHOZ!

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Mandaue is a good place to start when in comes to investing a good bed. First, they really specialise in mattresses before anything else. photo IMG_0732_zpsb1347c05.jpgAnd the idea na one stop shop, bongga sya! photo IMG_0733_zps03d83f9c.jpgWhen you visit their showroom, you can have a consultation to find the best mattress for you.
 photo IMG_0739_zps949b9f7e.jpgActually, buong bedroom mo pwede mo paconsult. You can start with the mattress then work your way to pillow, sheets, and bed frames. photo IMG_0740_zps8ce6182c.jpgAnd finding the right mattress for you will save you money. I come from family with Scoliosis. So talagang important na orthopaedic ang mga mattress or else baka pag nag aging gracefully na siya umatake. photo IMG_0742_zps3ce272c0.jpg photo IMG_0744_zps593cb96c.jpgAnd hindi nyo ba napapansin na masarap matulog sa hotel? You can actually replicate that feeling sa sarili niyong bed. Mandaue is a known supplier for hotel beds and foams. So avail nyo yung hotel feel bed! photo IMG_0745_zps52f563ad.jpgMy mattress I copied from one of the hotels in Manila. Pati pillows and bed foam na extra. Known sa friendships ko na paghumiga daw sa kama ko, wala nang urungan. photo IMG_0746_zpseef62da0.jpgIn their showroom, they will explain to you the different kinds and what you can do with it. I really prefer spring with a thick foam coz i need support and i want softness.
 photo IMG_0749_zps38b9b5fc.jpgMeron din silang memory foam! Kung bet niyo yun! photo IMG_0750_zpsdd713067.jpgEverything can be customized according to what you need. My bed size is in between sizes kasi nga sa room ko sya binagay. So I had my mattress made to order to the size I needed. photo IMG_0751_zpsb8478bfd.jpgEto yung hotel mattress! AVAIL NIYO! photo IMG_0752_zps85659aba.jpgI’m not an expert on what each foam does to your body, pero keri nila explain lahat yun. photo IMG_0753_zpsbd26ca95.jpgThis is important sa may mga sakit sa kasu-kasuan! hahaha! photo IMG_0755_zpse4e5078d.jpgI tried this, it’s more firm but soft parin sya. photo IMG_0756_zpsf48b06c0.jpg photo IMG_0757_zpsfea92c28.jpgPadding is important! And I love their stitching kasi hindi sirain. Remember, ang kama niyo once in a lifetime niyo lang palitan and daily niyo ginagamit. So make sure to invest. photo IMG_0758_zps7d4ed091.jpgVisit their showroom asap! Ang masarap ang tulog, fresh ang gising! Nabibili na ang freshness ngayon thru better mattress! photo IMG_0760_zps1805d4b9.jpgThey have samples wherein you can actually “road test”. Yes, hinigaan ko! haha! photo IMG_0761_zps24cd89b5.jpgThe firm is for people who need maximum support and ayaw yung parang natutulog sa marshmallow. Haha! Ako yung mahilig sa parang nasa clouds. My sister wants a firm bed, kaya nung bagets kami pinaghiwalay yung kama namin. photo IMG_0763_zps6e011921.jpg photo IMG_0764_zpsd13c4f57.jpgI visited the Ortigas extension branch! So run there, it’s their biggest and most complete 🙂 photo IMG_0765_zpsa19ce9eb.jpgWag niyo nang hintayin pang mag calcium drink kayo, fix your sleeping area! photo IMG_0766_zpsca778aee.jpg

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