I’m a big dog lover. And i think if you’ve been following me in IG you’ll know that tutok talaga ko sa puppies! That’s also why I’ve been MIA sa blog. Para akong nanganak!


Read more to learn about how to be a yaya to puppies!

 The first thing to do is mating! This is Liempo, ang batang ama. Choz!
10755892_379913495517995_154270041_n This is my baby girl, Pritchon10817854_874987909212559_1284348861_n1. Mating: Once your female dog goes in heat (period), they recommended me to count 12 days from first sign of blood. Since may male dog ako, all I need was a shooter. Mga 500 pesos yung fee ng shooter to help my dogs. I did it for 5 times, every other day.

2. Pregnancy: A dog’s pregnancy is between 60-67 days. Count from the first mating, then abang abang na kayo. Actually, if you are close to your pet, makikita nyo na naman signs if buntis, tumataba at tamad. haha! But to be sure you can have the number of puppies checked by the 35th day thru an ultrasound or xray.


Confeeremed! 3 puppies min. for Pritchon!

 3. Before labor: Chichikahin kayo ng Doc to add stuff to the mommy diet since buntis nga and marami na syang nutrients kailangan. And also prepare her whelping box. Technically, dapat dun sila manganganak but since best in panic ako. I rushed her to the Vet.

This is a sample box from the net. Technically basta some place na may privacy sya. Haha! Add pillows and lots of towels! The puppies will also live here first few weeks/months of their lives. Kaya keep it sanitized, I used puppy mats para madali palitan or you can use newspaper. 

4. Labor: Since panicky nga ako, may 3 akong false alarm nung dinala ko sya sa vet. But the real labor (maarte lang kasi si Pritchon ko…clingy. Haha!) very vivid signs such as scratching, nagtatago, she will refuse to eat (unlikely toh dahil patay gutom yung aso ko), and her back will curve na parang sumasayaw ng ocho ocho. Haha!

5. Giving birth: You can actually do it at home, but d ko keri! Baka mag FAMAS acting ako. But I saw the whole procedure, when they give birth parang may nahuhulog na plastic balloon na may laman. That’s the actual puppies. You have to break the sack para makahinga yung puppies then help her push out. Technically, dapat alam ng mommy ang gagawin but since Princessa ng Banyera etong aso ko. The vet did it. I actually videoed it, pero rated SPG kaya youtube nyo nalang. Haha!

6. Puppies arrival: It takes about 30-45 minutes in between puppies. Luckily for me, more than expected! 4 puppies! 3 girls and one boy!

AYAN! First day of life nila yan! Well documented! I have about 100 photos of them on my phone. Hahah!



7. Taking care of Puppies – The puppies can’t regulate their own temperature yet. Kaya make sure to have a heating pad or heating lamp. We bought a small desk lamp for them tapos nakatutok. When it’s a bit colder, i use empty bottles filled up with hot water and wrapped in towels. As for nursing, every 2 hours sya or tuwing umiiyak. Most mommy dogs would know what to do. But since spoiled yung akin, I have to guide her every 2 hours kaya puyat ang ganap ko. Help the puppies with finding the milk, since bingi and their eyes are close pa first few weeks. The 48 hours is very important for nursing since they get colostrum from the mommy milk to protect them. Instant berocca yun for them. Fortunately, may milk si Pritchon! But for those na wala, there are puppy milk replacements that you can use. Bottle feeding ang ganap. DO NOT USE ORDINARY HUMAN MILK FOR THEM. They also can’t go on their own, have your mommy dog lick their genitals area. If hindi nya keri like mine during the first few days, get cotton and dampen with warm water tapos dab sa area. Ang cute when you see them go after feeding! Feed your mommy more food since need nya energy.

8. Monitoring: I weigh my puppies 2x a day. They almost doubled in weight na! This is important to see which puppy is growing slow. Yung masmabagal sa iba, give extra attention. I use our digital kitchen scale (sorry V!).

More than a week old!IMG_7601

I have a long way to go! My puppies are about a week old palang. I will update you soonest!

My bunsos! Last to come out! Both girls!IMG_6206 My gray girl! Yan ang pinakamataba ngayon!IMG_9413My only boy! First to come out and biggest but tamad kumain so I give him extra attention when nursing.IMG_8943

I researched possible colors nila when adult. Poms lighten as they grow older. So baka ganito sila! I am not selling my poms, I am keeping some and some my friends are taking the others 🙂 Para makita ko parin sila. The black on the lower right is the actual dad of Liempo!10832116_371946496316122_53212409_n

Will update you guys!

Much love,