Ok, Obagi user since college. I swear by the products. Yung type na papaputol ko kamay ko kung hindi magwork. haha!

So after years of being loyal they came up with a better version! And plus narin na dumating dito si Dr. Obagi.

Talle invited to their launch and a private dinner sa balur nila so I can thank Dr. Obagi personally. haha! OO, request ko yun. Actually, medyo fail nga ako because when I got to the house, dun ko lang narealize na wala pala kaming photo together! Ayan, hindi kasi best in attention!

The dinner was super nice because we really got to chat with friends. When I arrived Vicky said.. Ok go to the kiddie table. hahaha! Cute nya talaga! Yes, kami yung kiddie table!

Gwapo ni Nix! Team Nixy, he’s back na daw!

Best in chika talaga ako! haha!

Georgy and Borgy! The GY-GYS!

This is the face pagkagustomo na tumayo to get food but ang tagal magphoto ni V.

Mond! He’s really the sweetest!

ITAAS ANG MGA KAMAY! Parang padasal lang oh!

Love this shot of Anton!

Timmy was there too!

DJ Marc Gueco!

Garlic (na bongga kumanta), Ruffie and Anton!

Talle looks like Vicky! so cute!

So now, from the old Obagi system I shifted na to the new one. ZO system.

You don’t have to buy the whole set because you have to go to a BELO clinic to check which products are for you. In short, sila yung gagawa ng mix for you.

For me since I’m oily skin I am using the wash, exfoliator, toner, eye cream and suncreen,

Then for night would be the same but instead of the sunscreen yung night cream naman.

The nice thing I like about this system is that the peeling is not as bad. Hindi ko kailngan magtago ng 3 weeks. haha! I remember para talaga akong ahas nung first time ko magobagi before.

So head to your nearest BELO clinic! Trust me after using this system, keri na talaga ang no makeup look! During day time, I dont wear much makeup because kabowg na naman ang belofied skin 🙂

Much love,