For sometime, I’ve been rallying about the ODC campaign. A lot of people may ask why pero d ko masyado ni rereveal. The reason for that is kasi yung pasimuno nito… STRICT ANG PAYRENTS..choz! She doesn’t want to be named so much so I’m being careful with my post din. And she specifically said “basta odc related lang”. K fine, choosy sa gurl! Kidding aside, not everyone is open to having their life on the internet kaya everything I will say here is about the cause….

Angel friend is GINGGAY JOVEN DELA MERCED. I first met her because of work which eventually became a crazy friendship. OO, madali naman magkaroon ng kaibigan but what really brought us closer are some angels in our lives. A few days ago while we were doing swatch time on twitter biglang nagdisappearing act ang beauty ko. I didn’t get to reply much because in the middle of our contest I had to run to the hospital. Someone I love so dearly was rushed… AGAIN. Yes, sanay na kami ng palaging narurush ang tita ko. And this is no joke. Years na namin ginagawa toh. Paulit ulit, minsan talaga naiiyak nalang ako. The pain and anxiety that we all feel kahit sa pinakamalditang utash hindi ko wishing well sa kanya ang ganitong ganap. Ang hirap guys and ayoko may ibang makaramdam nito…EVER.

My tita needs a kidney. Maybe you saw it in my old posts but yes she does. Mataggal na nyang kailangan and to the point na kahit kailangan nya we can’t do anything na because her body is weak narin for a transplant. The cycle of looking for the kidney is a loop, parang sirang plaka. Excited, depressed, nawawalan ng pagasa. Paulit ulit yun… Kung ako nalulungkot, what more yung tita ko. Can you imagine living daily hoping to get a phone call that you finally met a kidney match? Hindi biro yun guys. Ilang years na kami sa cycle na yan… until GINGGAY came along. When we were having dinner discussing work, nabanggit nya na kakasuccessful transplant lang ng daddy nya. Everytime I hear “successful transplant” para akong tumama ng lotto. Hinarass ko na sya asking endless questions. Most people paghinaharass ko would tell me their story and thankfully I learn a thing or 2. But iba sya, hindi sya nagkwento… sabi nya sakin “dalhin mo yung tita mo and best friend mo (my tita is my bestfriend’s mom) , I’ll introduce them to my dad and DR. ONA. In my mind… DR ONA? Gosh!!! parang rockstar yan sa mga kidney patients! Sya ang Justin Bieber nila! Years na namin try kumuha ng connect to doctor Ona but hindi namin ma-achieve! So ayun, kulang nalang magcartwheels at backbend ako sa saya. We met with her dad and doctor Ona and he granted us an appointment for tita. Alam nyo kung years na kayong nadedepress sa kakahintay…normal na mawalan ng pagasa. But when Tita heard what Ginggay did, susko, nagnailpolish, make-up.. her spirit was up again! Lalo na when she went to see Dr. Ona. Ginggay’s dad even accompanied her to the clinic. Nakakaiyak kasi lahat sila bagong kilala lang naman but yung tulong na inabot nila walang isang salita. Tito (G’s dad) and tita waited and chatted. Tito gave her strength that when she went inside Dr. Ona’s office- nagawa nya pang magpatawa. She showed the doctor a photo of her in a bikini before she got sick! (Tita ko nga toh! haha!)Medyo na shock ng slight si Dr. Ona sa kanya. haha!

Yes, my tita can’t have a transplant anymore. But what G and her dad did was give her the courage to fight on which I think is the most important weapon she needs now. The ability to smile, laugh, make jokes. That’s more than enough for me. Ang hirap kasi ng makita si tita malungkot and weak. Ngayon kahit weak sya- comedy act parin sya. And that’s one thing na hindi kaya kunin ng kahit anong sakit. Just the other day, she was given VIAGRA for her heart. Nagawa pang tumili at sabihin “tamang tama balak ko magsexy time mamaya!” haha! She’s really something else!

All these characters in this story teaches me something. G’s dad gave tita inspiration to fight on. He taught me that kahit mukhang impossible na, the human spirit is stronger than any sickness. Tita taught me that wag akong maging drama queen, sya ng na may sakit fighter. Echosera ko naman para umarte sa mga problema ko kong hindi levelling sa problema nya. And lastly G taught me about giving and friendship. She went above and beyond what was normal. Ang friendship hindi normal. Ang friendship effort. Ang friendship nagtutulungan. A lot of times na humihina ako, pinapatawa nya ako. Even if it reminds her of her dad’s hard journey sige lang papabayaan nya ako umemote tapos papatawanin nya ako. Napakainsenstive ko nga minsan na chika ng chika about how tough it is when she went through it herself. But she continues to give and give and give… She taught me how to be a better friend. Andami nagsasabi ang friendship give and take… actually masmapahanga ako sa give and give. Friendship is about what you can do to help and not what the person can do for you. Yun yung totoo. Mali yung tsismis. I’m not a perfect friend (lalo na capricorn minsan super dense) , but through people like them I’m always reminded of what friendship is all about.

The first group of ODC advocates. Obvious na mababait ang friends ko. 🙂 Take note, hindi pa kami ni V nyan.

The dinner with Doctor Ona when he gave me a go to bring my tita to him. Dr. Ona in white, Tita Susan in black, G’s dad in black and Pinky (who is an angel herself to G’s family. But that’s another story)

Special mention to Tita Susan (G’s mom) na palaging first to text and send rosaries. Lahat ata ng prayer book nakuha ko na 🙂 Kahit wala sila sa tabi ko, reading those gives me strength and parang may sabay batok kay God na “wag ka maginarte dyan at tumayo ka and do something”

So with that being said… Eto yung “do something” ko. I don’t want anybody to go through this cycle that we are in right now. And through the ODC card… maybe we can change things 🙂

Check out METRO MAGAZINE APRIL 2011 with KC on the cover.

Check out our article inside and find out more about our ODC ADVOCACY 🙂

Divine Lee and Victor Basa for the ORGAN DONOR CARD (Written by: Bianca Consunji)

Divine’s involvement in the ODC stemmed from a personal exprience: “My aunt had been looking for a kidney for 9 years and we couldn’t find one,” she says. “The experience was such a roller coaster; we’d get calls in the middle of the night saying we had an organ match, only to have our hopes dashed a couple of hours later. It wasn’t a matter of finances; it was just to get a compatible kidney donor. When you;re that desperate, you start thinking of various measures to help your loved one – visit a prison, buy a kidney- but it’s not that easy at all. That’s when I realized we didn’t have a good system.”

Divine then started talking to PR maven Ginggay Joven Dela Merced, whose father had also been able to benefit from an organ donor. When he passed away, her family requested friends to donate to National Kidney and Transplant Institute’s Organ Donor Card foundation instead of flowers. Together with Health secretary Dr. Enrique Ona (Si Justin Bieber nila hehe! Not part of the article ha!), they set up a system to help distribute ODC and disseminate information about the cause. “For my aunt, there’s nothing I could have done-but I can do something for other peopel,” Divine says. “If marami lang supply, we wouldn’t have this problem. The system wasn’t in place. When people saw artistas posing with it, they sent their photos holding the ODC cards. Now, people are more aware. And n ow we have it in events, marathons, etc. We eductaed people about the system- it’s not as if people will take your organs while you’re alive.”

Victor adds, “You have to line up for an organ, regardless of who you are. When you need an organ, it has to be quick-if not complications will arise. These cards merely make it easier for people to pass on their organs that otherwise wouldn’t b needed; there’s no reason why you shouldn;t have a card. [Not having one] means being indifferent to other people’s needs. There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain. It’s so simple: It’s a small card, but represents a huge responsibility.”

HOW CAN YOU HELP: Email or visit

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guys, please print you copy na! When you see me pakita nyo sakin 🙂 bigyan ko kayo ng bonggang hug! haha! 🙂

Much love,