Pag may isa pang kasal na magspeech kami ni Florence papabayad na kami! choz! haha!

Another good friend got married! The hubby Doj, is one of my architects so ang naganap all in the group 🙂

It’s cute because this time, you can really see the input of the groom in the wedding details, unlike Wyanet’s na kaming ghels lahat. haha! Dima (Wya’s hubby) ayaw na atang makipagdebate samin. haha!

D + V

May issue ata si V sa suit nya. hahhaa! Naiinitan!

Eah is someone very important in my life. You never hear of her kasi I work with her. Ayoko naman i-blog sila baka tumakbo yang mga yan everytime they see me sa office. Silent and sweet. She’s one person who never ever failed sa best in loyalty award. I am grateful to have her. Ayan, minsan nyo lang masi-sight yan. Para yang makahiya, nagtatago lagi. haha!

My bestie eboy and his fiance bambi. Bambi was in charge of decors. Pag may ganap nga sa barkada, matipid kami. Haha! We have people in the group na very artistic na best in participate. Check out Alice’s wonderland for party needs!

Bride’s siblings and family. The bride was non trad and wanted BLACK for the entourage 🙂

Best men, The groom’s bro.

Hindi sya handa sa photo….

There’s Florence!

Wow! salamat sa napakalinaw na photo. Thanks Milan! May galit ka ata! Che!

Lio and my inaanak Kiel! Bakit ang clazz na ng brides ngayon, yung mga flower gurl photos ko nung bagets ako mukha akong bride or magsasagala. haha!

The bride in her gorgeous Martin Bautista gown!

Group shot! karamihan Highschool friends again!

Tell me, magkamukha na si Kino and Flo right? They just celebrated their 15th year anniversary! COuple since high school! ang cute! Tinalo si Sharon at Gabby sa pagka young love sweet love!

yes, couple couple parang highschool! haha!

Bambi’s set up! cute noh! Ang swerte ko talaga, her service comes for free sa parties namin! haha!

Cake was also by our extended barkada. Florence’s sister, Olive. Check out her site and my blog post about her.

Non trad cake designed by another architect friend, Arnold. Haha! Akala nyo kasi bongga kami magparty, tipid nga eh. We utilize everyone sa barkada. Haha!

with V and Eboy

Check out my dance partner for the WHOLE night

Ayan! Party boy alert!

He refused to stop. nakakaloka! Tito TIM! For sure, papaguestlist toh. haha!

I don’t have a copy of the video, nor did i write my speech for that night. Nagimpromptu speech ako, galing from the heart! 🙂

Pam, out of the whole group is like our sunshine. Palaging nakangiti, palaging nagtetext ng kamusta. I’m sure everyone may ganyan kaibigan. Yung parang hindi tinatamaan ng problema. Honestly, tinatamaan yan. Nasa pagdadala nya lang. And i admire her for that. Her love and care for her friends overpowers kahit anong issue ang dumating sa kanya. So nauuna nyang i-check ang mga ibang tao.

Honestly, pagoda na ako nung kasal. I can from a 3 days trip to Cebu for work, then with no sleep went to Hong Kong and china to source and to check the trade fair (so best in kapuaguran), then I arrived the morning of the wedding, only to leave rigt after the wedding to head back to Cebu for work. In short, bawal magkasakit at mapagod. haha! So I didn’t have the time or opportunity to write my speech.

I don’t get nervous when i’m hosting but i get nervous pag wedding speeches. Syempre, how do you manage to sum everything in a couple of words? Being chosen as one of the speakers, how do you communicate to everyone in the room everything you know about the person? And lastly, hindi mo kilala lahat ng tao sa room and here you are trying to pour your heart and soul.

So ayun, back to what i said about Pam. Sunshine ko nga sya. So my speech said something like how she would always give me sunshine. And like our sunshine, takot ako na mawala sya. I look forward to sunshine. I need it to help me thru makulimlim days. I said that in my speech and I also said na since si Doj is there, wag syang maging ulap na tatakip sa sunshine ko. Instead to please inspire my sunshine to shine brighter to she can reach more people with her shine. I don’t know much about marriage since hindi pa naman ako kasal. But i do know about inspiration because a lot of people inspire me (kasama kayo dun). So that’s my wish for the couple. Yung, health, love and friendship.. I’m sure yun ang wish ng karamihan so maiba naman ako. I wish them to inspire each other so they can can shine on more people dahil lahat tayo may mga araw na makulimlim… we all need our sunshine 🙂 So to shine and brightness! Congratulations!

Much love,