Parisian PLUS

Style Comes in Big Sizes!
OK GUILTY! I have big feet and talagang haggard maghanap ng shoesey. Minsan nga nahihiya na ako to say size ko, I just ask what’s your biggest size….

BUT WORRY NO MORE! PARISIAN TO THE RESCUE! They now come in plus sizes 9.5-12, just your perfect fit! Exclusively available at The SM Store!
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 photo Parisian_Bigsizes_Imaging_ 14x22_6093b_zpscfogh5la.jpg

You will be seeing some of the styles sa Europe Trip ko! YES! Puro Parisian dala ko!
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Hindi nyo na kailangan mag online shopping with the risk of not trying it on! SUGOD NA SA SM! RAMPA PARA SA EKONOMIYA!
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 photo Parisian_Bigsizes_Imaging_ 14x22_6602b_zpssfpiguum.jpg
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Wild Side:
Give in to the call of the wild with this collection of plus sized animal-print pumps.

Name: Roxy LS05 BS
Colors: White/Zebra, Light Gray/ Snow Leopard
Price: 899.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0215_zps243eqmoc.jpg

Name: RozyLS05 BS
Colors: Black, Tan/Cheetah
Price: 899.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0200_zpsem8op91r.jpg

Neutral Party:

Win big in the battlefield of fashion when you wear these warrior-inspired sandals.

Name: RanaeLS05 BS
Colors: Black, Tan
Price: 799.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0225_zpsbvwbffiw.jpg

Name: ValeneLS04 BS
Colors: Black, Rose Gold
Price: 799.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0275_zps2vgwbnuh.jpg

Name: SanviLS04 BS
Colors: Black, Tan, Cheetah
Price: 699.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0280_zpsgkbukaoc.jpg

Name: Noah LS04 BS
Colors: Mocha, Taupe
Price: 699.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0544_zpsbhcszctu.jpg

A Touch of Gold:

Up-size your charm when you wear these polished flats tipped with gold accents.

Name: OzaraLS04 BS
Colors: White, Beige, Mustard, Teal, Coral
Price: 599.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0303_zpsmfuoyown.jpg

Name: OzielLS04 BS
Colors: Black, Blush
Price: 699.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0088_zps7kwzncti.jpg

Name: RyanneLS05 BS
Colors: Black, Red
Price: 799.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0180_zpsifuqpxam.jpg

Over the Wedge:

Wedges with patent combos and laser cut details are the next huge news.

Name: OretaLS06 BS
Colors: Black, Mocha
Price: 799.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0157_zps0g6nb4vn.jpg

Name: Rhian LS06BS
Colors: Beige, Burgundy
Price: 799.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0193_zpshcjhkh6k.jpg

Name: Uma LS04 BS
Colors: White, Black
Price: 799.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0239_zpsseo8brrm.jpg

Name: UniceLS04 BS
Colors: Beige, Silver
Price: 799.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0255_zpsldmwqzot.jpg

Name: UndinaLS04 BS
Colors: White, Cream
Price: 699.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0250_zpsslspcbzk.jpg

Name: RonniLS04 BS
Colors: White, Taupe
Price: 599.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0531_zpsszgc2wvd.jpg

Name: RanicaLS06 BS
Colors: Black, Tan
Price: 699.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0609_zpsdpd6vwxa.jpg

Name: UmekoLS04 BS
Colors: Black, Tan
Price: 799.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0261_zpsrew9q8aj.jpg

Name: PaciaLS06 BS
Colors: White, Blue
Price: 799.75
 photo LS_ParisianPlusOnline_SUMMER15_7x5_0111_zpsv2i5n3q0.jpgSEE? Affordable pa! Hindi butas bulsa! TULOY ANG MODELLING! hahaha!


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