Have you seen this?

Now, na extra challenge na naman ako. Natawa ata ang Philips sa ganap ko so since they are launching this new airfryer…..

NO MORE SEBO! Yes! It’s true! You don’t need oil. And they want the pinaka hindi marunong magluto na tao to demonstrate how easy this is… YES… ME! hahaha!

The nice thing is this time YOU will be part of it!

I am picking 35 guest to watch and 5 to actually eat dinner with me, V, the becky nights beckies and my friends! (Listen to me in the BECKY NIGHTS PODCAST LATER: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/becky-nights I will be giving seats 9pm!)

So on July 12, together with Chef Sau na bonggels. (Chef, goodluck kung kayanin mo ang beckimese ko), we will be cooking and demonstrating for you guys!

To join me this bonggang ganap!

1. Make sure you are in Manila for JULY 12 (somewhere in Makati)

2. It will be from 5pm to 8pm. Hopefully the people who join yung gusto talaga matuto magluto at ganun. Haha!

3. I will be picking 35 to join us for the cook off and 5 to join me for dinner!!!

4. Randomness itich so LIKE this


5. Look for the comment (Madmai sya you can post anywhere but only post once! disqualified ang makulit. choz!)

” AYOKO NG SEBO YUCK! Because….(your answer here)”

6. I will be announcing winners JULY 8!

I’m excited to see you! I’m happy padami ng padami ang ganap na I am able to meet and chika with you guys!

PS. Call us later in Becky nights! I will give away seats there too! How does dinner with my BECKY Nights sounds like? hint hint 🙂 TARA NA! Blog reblog lahat lahat na!



Much love,