Hi Miss Divine!

First, I really love you! You are one of my Style Icons! I actually saw you last season during Philippine Fashion Week at Rajo’s Wharton Show. I had a picture taken with you and Victor. I tagged you in facebook and you even liked our photo. Tuwang tuwa naman ako na ni-like mo. Hahaha! Before I even came across this blog and your twitter, I thought you were the typical socialite. But I was so wrong! Hahaha! I never expected you to be this becky! Now, I completely understand Rajo when he said you are the Queen of Beckys! Hahaha!

Moving on, here is an entry for your fierce follower contest. I am a freelance designer from Baguio City and someday I wish I could also dress you up because you are the perfect muse. Anyway, we had a photoshoot. After a few shots, we noticed that our model had that “Divine Lee Aura”! So we let her do your signature pose, hair on one side and there you have it! “Divine Lee”. Hahaha!

The next photo is me and my model. More like “Rajo” and “Divine”. Of course, bilang judge si Rajo this March, Kasama siya sa peg na dapat iachieve. Hahaha!

But seriously, I wish I could meet and talk to you guys someday as I believe I would learn a lot from you. Plus, I know that it would be really fun hanging out with you guys.

Thank You for posting this entry! Much Love to you!

Hope to see you again soon!

Till Then!


D: May future ka! Bongga ang movement ng damit! Hope to work with you soon! Sorry late ako ulit but pasok ka naman sa MAY! RUN AFTER YOUR DREAMS! You’re talented!

Much love,