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Ok, so my shoot is finally out! Nilabanan lang ako ni Veejay sa kakapose! BUMA-BALI BALENG BUTO din ang lola nyo!

Please grab a copy of SENSE AND STYLE MAGAZINE APRIL 2011

Check out some of the photos below 🙂

The Article


*** Veejay has an interesting story. Very maala ala mo kaya that’s why I’m very proud of this kid. I want you guys to read the issue (para may suspense factor) to understand what I’m saying. He calls himself my twin, KERI! Bongga sya sa kasipagan and that’s what I love about him. Sya din ang palaging naka DIVINE LEE as peg sa lahat ng costume party. Ganap naman si beckling kasi palaging may award pag-uwi! And iba rin sya bilang kaibigan, designer, individual because he strives to be the best talaga. I love you VEEJAY!

Stolen from Rajo’s blog! haha! Veejay won this night. He came as Divine Lee pang Tatler ball.

Veejay as DIVINE LEE during Halloween. Kalowka! Pati cross-over patok! haha!

Divine Lee and MADONNA! Kala mo Veejay Ikaw lang! haha! I made my makeup very 80s. Mapula at maputi. haha!

Me and Veejay for my COWBOYS and INDIANS xmas party!

The muse: DIVINE LEE. Model and Entrepreneur

The hardworking, sometimes stern aspect of DIVINE LEE seems less interesting than her online personality, whose voice in the blogosphere, expressed in daily tweets or twitpics in her style diary, speaks in gay lingo, answers any fan question no matter how mundane or philosophical, shares her friends’ comical anecdotes, and reveals the amusing details of her life.

But Divine wouldn’t have made it as a business mogulette and one of society’s most admired style stars if not for this serious, workaholic, and enterprising side. Sense and style was among the few to have seen Divine start at the bottom of her father’s real estate, back when she was beginning to scrape the sky some years ago. Now the woman is soaring in great heights, with a retail company and a club to add to her ventures, not to mention a growing number of fans and followers. She’s a favorite muse to many local designers, being a supportive fan of both established masters and the younger ones, including Veejay Floresca, whom she believes possesses such great talent and sophisticated sensibilities.

Outgoing, caring, and comical, DIvine never fails to make anyone laugh or at least smile. By the way she deals with you and the everybody else, when up close and personal, you’d know that the whole cheerful aura isn’t just for show. Indeed, where would you get what you give if not from what you put in? “Everybody has the power to turn negative situations to positive. It’s just with the way you think. I believe that positive energy attracts positive situations,” she muses. “Even with people who may have wronged you, always think that it’s a show of character to forgive and reciprocate in a positive way.”

Written by Nicole Limos.

THANK YOU SENSE AND STYLE. Guys please grab a copy! APRIL 2011!

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