Check out the new stocks of KERMIT!

Impaled Skull Pumps!

The heelless boots! We can customized the body for you!

Ok, para makita nyong labor of love talaga yang mga sapatos… Look what happens in the house…

Chikahan with Kermit while working on our LONDON FASHION WEEK shoes!

Yes, that was the time may Carpal chuchu ako. Masakit, but my team needs me! Andaming shoes namin kailangan tapusin!

NAkakaduling sya ha! Buti bongga ang chikahan!

We were using needles to apply the glass beads!

Kapal ng fez ko noh? May benda na, naka nails chuchu pa habang ginagawa! hahaha!

Look how we brought out my shoes? We were comparing the quality. Handmade kaya dapat world class!


Kermit in ACTION!

Excited to show you guys the finished product!

Watch out for it!

Much love,