SM Accessories!

My outfits tend to be very bland in color and design. Kasi ba naman, naphobia na ata ako sa mga neon cycling shorts na pinagsusuot ko nung bagets ako! haha! So the best way to spice it up is with good accessories. Actually, tipid portion din eh, you can change your whole look with the right accessories. That being said, girl… wag nang mga gingging! Yung mga real jewelry i just save for special occasions, needsung ko yung trendy and easy to change. And i think the best place to go now would be SM! OO, improved and todo ang accessories department nila ngayon!
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Check out the bangles i got! Pang beach ko yung mga nasa top and middle layer! Nakakafresh! At pang todo yung sa baba!
Keri nyo toh! I’m on a white shirt fest recently kasi pasko na. Haggarda levels! So eto ang mga pangbulag factor!
I’m so sure Tessa got the last one!
Eto naman sa polo look ko. Anong sabi ni Mareng Coco Chanel dito?
Most used necklace sakin ngayon!
Eto yung pag may kaaway kayo…pwede nyo ding weapon. choz!
More colors, more fun! Blogger look ang peg!
And in fair, based on experience.. hindi lumaki yung butas ng tenga ko dito! Very light so kering whole day!
Rings! Bet ko yung mga 3 fingers ang ganap!
And of course, your celebrities also use sm!
But hindi magtatapos dyan! Alam mo naman tayo, more promos more fun! I am giving awayg 10,000.00 GC’s to our friends para blinged out ang inyong xmas!
How to join!
1. Post this “” on your twitter or fb! Ganito pag kakalagay ha: Hey @smaccessories @divinemlee we want to win this xmas! check and join here! RT
2. Go like the SM fanpage
3. Go to my FB page and look for “SM, ikaw na” post on! Then magcomment kayo if posted thru twitter or fb! I will pick winner there!
Then wait for the winnnurrrr!
Much love,