After Catherine’s Palace, we went back to the city to see more sights!

I’ll make kwento while you browse the photos!

Here I was reading a book about the ROMANOVS and Russian Royalty!

From the palace we went to a small souvenir store. I didn’t buy anything but I found everything so cute!

Matryoshka dolls! I like the traditional ones better. But I got a modern interpretation from the market.

Faberge eggs!

After the souvenir shop, we went to lunch at a cute traditional Russian resto.

Sige, alam nyo na bakit hindi ko masabi yung pangalan. haha!

They performed during lunch!

Chance na naman magkodakan sa labas ng resto!

Promise last photo sa resto. haha!

While in the car we saw some army boylets shoveling the snow. Sharing lang, aliw makita yung uniform nila eh.

So again, he had a short stop for photos!

V and his GIMME MY CAMERA BACK photo.

Walang katapusan ng jumping shots! haha!

Malu, Rosan, Tessa

Group shot! I promise to bring a tripod next time. Kawawang V wala sa group shots!

Akala mo masungit…..

The real me! May araw! Extra power!

The Raj pose! Aminin.. signature nya din toh!

After the short stop we went to St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Yes, yun yung cathedral na dapat bibisitahin namin the day before.

Lighting epek!

All their churches and cathedrals are so intricate! Yan ang FLOOR TO CEILING!

My version

V’s version

V and the big door! good luck sa pagbukas nito. hehe!

D + V

Even the doors were so detailed.

The nice thing about this cathedral experince was we actually experienced their mass. I didn’t get to go in the small room because masikip na but the others saw it. Silip silip lang ako. It was so touching because it’s a new experince for us na naiyak pa si Nixy. One thing that we noticed here is that their priests were facing the altar (not the people) during mass.

After that we went to the street market. I looked around and V got a vintage camera. Sana share ko specs pero d ko knows. Basta film pa ginagamit at pinapadevelop ang fectures. Yun na yun!



Nixy: Hoy! Maganda sana. Ibaba mo naman yang supot na red! Panira ng fecture! hahaha!


And hindi nagpatalo si NIXY! haha!

Last stop was dinner! We super loved this resto. Over looking in a modern building! It’s part of this lifestle group called the GINZAPROJECT. Bongga lang. While we were in the resto.. I think Natalie Portman’s ex hubby was there. Hindi namin na fecturan coz we weren’t sure.

Entrance to the resto’s building

Best view!

Mr. Pogi! haha!

Wall division made of spoons. I will be launching affordable furnitures with Nixy soon. Pagisipan muna namin paano. 🙂

The chef visited our table!

Super bibong manager.

Ready for our 3rd day of St. Petersburg?

Much love,