It’s the royal wedding! The most awaited wedding of the year (Well, forte ko parin yung singing vow ni Regine Velasquez and yung speech ni Tuesday sa wedding nya!). I love weddings. That’s quite obvious because i think I made about 8 blog posts about it when my best friend got married.

I was actually planning to have a beckyfest at home until I got my ROYAL INVITE! Choz! I was invited to Swatch’s ROYAL WEDDING VIEWING EVENT! Super fun concept. In-achieve nila na mukhang British tea and set up big screens & TVs all over for the guests to watch. But I think the best part is pwede kaming umoutfit ala ASCOT levels!

Charina Sarte picked me to be her muse so she designed my whole outfit. Bongga ng hat! The funny thing was everybody sa mall pinagtitingin yung hat ko, as I said in Tim’s interview during the event… “I NOW KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO BE TESSA PRIETO VALDES!” haha!

So, join us! I made a long post para kasama ko narin kayo. GOW!

Upon entering, you will get a bracelet locket. WITH NO KEY! So medyo nagtataka ako about this part…. haha!

Here’s my designer! Charina Sarte in her design also!

Read more and see our experience of the ROYAL WEDDING.

I’m a Swatch girl since bagets pa ako. Pinagiipunan ko yan para makabili ng pop swatch. So when I got my BRACELET CUFF Swatch. Ayan, parang ngiting bagets na naman ako!

Still my fave line! Ang shala nito eh!

I also like the parang neon swatches! Ganda yan sa plain white shirt and jeans.

Swatch galore! Gosh! DREAMLAND! Si V tagal sa store!

I have a thing for super nice sales people. So eto, nakipagtambayan na naman ako sa counter ๐Ÿ™‚

Tim hosted the first part! And ayan, best in tawa kami ni Charina

Our Binibining Pilipinas Universe representative is also a Swatch baby! Hoy, yung nasa left ha! Hindi kami ni TIM! haha! Her name is Shamcey Supsup. And I was able to chat with her a bit, bongga nya! Board top notcher pa!

I have my own Prince right here.

WIth Tita Virgie of Swatch and Tita Susan. They are the hippest titas talaga!

They called the muses and designers to the stage!

Party shots! Wine and bubbly!

Tessa’s hat collection! I like the pink one!

Bongga ng music choice! And heard sa mall! SHALA!

Creampuff galore!

Tim with the muses (and designer Chari! haha)

Before the actual program they showed our early bird guest! Queen of hats! Tessa Prieto-Valdes!

For the next part, we were all invited to go inside the shop

May ring bearer pa kami! Super cute! He handed out all the prizes! cute! Galing ng concept.

The first game was wedding trivias! Bokya kami! haha!

The second game was Bring Me! Cute concept! bring me something old, then blue, then borrowed then blue! We won the borrowed!

The last game was find the lucky charm! ON DEREK! haha!

The first group was Charina’s group with blindfolds!

We were the next group! Partida walang blindfold! Pina avail ko na sa kanila kasi ang cute ni Lola! ๐Ÿ™‚

Group shot!

The last game was with the chain bracelets! Derek Ramsey had one key to one of the chain bracelets. All the girls were given a charm bracelet at the entrance. Bonnga ni mother sya ang perfect match sa bracelet! They had a small wedding at the event with cake cutting! Cute!

Tim with the Queen!

Charina and Marc!

V watching the Royal Wedding!

Anne, Tim and I

Watching the wedding!

Look at Anne’s reaction! AWWW moment! While ako naiyak talaga!


Awww! look at the kiddies!

Kate’s Alexander Mcqueen gown!

Prince William looks better with a hat (hindi naman pareho nung amin ha! haha)

Prince Harry and the kiddies! Cute!

Maid of Honor and Best Man

Group shot again!

I really love weddings and as people said THIS IS THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR or CENTURY! We are part of history na! So remember this day-where you saw it, who saw it with you, anong ganap sa inyo. ๐Ÿ™‚

But whether Royal Wedding or not, all weddings are special. It’s a union of two people in love and who want to spend their lives together. I mean, bongga na ang daming nakipagsaya for Kate and Wills (naks, close) but we should feel like this for all weddings celebrity or not.

I have to say na nakaka in love si Kate and William, may mga sulyap sulyap pa and ngiti. Nakakaloka sa kilig! But any person na kinakasal, kinikilig ako. I give them that right and gift. We should be happy for people getting married, isa yan sa blessing ng Diyos! To find a person na forte mong makasama buong buhay mo. ๐Ÿ™‚

So to everyone who’s engaged (WAVES TO MY FRIEND PAM ARELLANO!) and married… SWERTE NYO ๐Ÿ™‚ Make it worthwhile because it’s God’s gift. ๐Ÿ™‚

Much love,