Did i tell you guys that I wear a mouth guard at night? Yes, because best in grinding ako sa ipin. If left alone, baka tuluyan nang mabungi sa kaka-grind yung ipin ko.

Honestly, the worst part about wearing a mouth guard is the morning after. Not only do you have to thoroughly brush your teeth but pati mouth guard mo. My dentist explained that a possible cause of bad breath is “stagnant” saliva. So masmalaki ang tendency ng bad breath when you wear mouth guard. Kaya dapat talaga more than brushing lang ang ganap.

Drumroll! SWISH! Thanks to SWISH and bongga talaga sya. Some mouthwash kasi I feel nakakasunog ng lips. But so far itich na ang mouthwash na talagang i felt like tamang tama yung timpla. They also have a lot of flavors such as PEPPERMINT FRESH, CINNAMON BLAST, MANGOSTEEN MINT, and ACRTIC CHILL kaya bongga! I actually tried all but Peppermint is my fave.


My weapons for fresh breath!


So ang pinakabongga is…may pacontest tayo! Alam ko naman na bongga kayong lahat so here are more goodies for you!

Win a Php 10,000.00 gift bag from beauty bar! kasi maganda kayo and fresh breath!

Check out how to join!

SWISH to be Cool


How do you swish to be cool? Show us how you will conquer up close with your idols.

1. Makeover yourself as a star! And send me the photo with SWISH! Be creative ha! Then blog this photo! Yes, pasikatin na natin yang mga blogs nyo!

2. Answer this: How will you be up close with your idols? How will you confidently join them?

3. Like SWISH on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/people/Swish-Mouthwash/100001244011264

4. Leave your entry URL at the comments section of THIS blog post about the Swish contest. (So yes, link your blogs about it! I will check your blogs. Your comments will take awhile to be shown- need to check and approve it pa) 🙂

6. .Email this photo to divinemlee@yahoo.com with title SWISH TO BE COOL! and the link of your blog! Para macheck ko in case d ko sya masight here.

5. Swish will choose the best entry to win a fabulous Beauty Bar gift pack worth Php10,000! Contest is until NOV 17!

6. Last I will showcase your blog here and winning photo! 🙂 YEABAH!

Here’s V taking my photo… I always read the back na. Nagtooth brush ako ng conditioner before… DONT ASK WHY. hahaha!


Bongga because it is ALCOHOL FREE! So no need to wrry about daiy use 🙂 Pasok sa everyday activities, EVERYDAY FRESH BREATH CONFIDENCE!


Ok, that is the first method to join this contest. There is a simplified mechanics. But kudos dun sa mga nauna nagsubmit 🙂


1. Show your fierce and confident look during a Swish moment (photo yan parang fierce followers)

2. Include a short description of this Swish moment. Examples: “I am fierce and confident when I see my crush because …” ” I am fierce and confident going to a party because …”

3. Like SWISH on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/SwishMouthwash

4. Email this photo to divinemlee@yahoo.com with title SWISH TO BE CONFIDENT! or link to your blog with your entry.

5. Write in the comments area here (yes, this blog post)- your blog link and why IKAW NA ang blog na dapat pasikatin or dapat manalo ng SWISH giveaways!

6. Swish will choose the best entry to win a fabulous Beauty Bar gift pack worth Php10,000! Contest is until November 17!

Good luck!

Much love,