Trying my best to catch up on my blog posts 🙂

If there is someone who can level with TIM’s party hosting skills… It must be Tessa! So her birthday is never a single event. CHAIN YAN! Parang Sharon Cuneta, month long! Haha!

After her flower power yellow lunch party for GIRLS ONLY. She invited me to an intimate (yes, 40 is intimate na for her yun.. haha!) dinner. Unfortunately, super late kami coz we saw Zia’s show pa. And we really thought we would be early.

Tessa time is usually 3 hours after what is on the invite 🙂 But in fairness, ang aga nya ngayon! haha! I love you tessa! Promise, i have to practice more. The only time na I thought i would be “perfectly on time” for Tessa time, maaga ka pa nagstart.

Happy birthday my love!!!

Makeup by Jake Galvez. Super fresh!

Dennis and Tessa. Dennis kept asking me questions about the “becky language” so cute!

Right outside the Crystal room is… GRINDR THURSDAY! Gow na becklings!

Katawkot! Afraidy aguilar!

Anton San Diego. It’s so nice that we got to chat for a bit 🙂

DINNER was sponsored by Remy Martin Louis XIII. And so funny, Tessa kept telling me. Make sure you go ha coz the drink is super limited. Kasi super mahal! haha!

The drink can only be served in a special glass. Or baka niloloko lang ako nung seatmate ko. haha! I wasn’t there for the explanation.

ANG SOSYAL NANG GIVEAWAYS NI TESSA that night! I was saying ANG CLAZZ! Tessa is the funniest talaga kasi when it comes to giveaways. Every xmas party sa house nya, super lahat binibigay nya for giveaways. From sabon panglaba to cakes to surf, etc! And whats funnier is that it’s all over the house so lahat talaga ang galing mangkuha as in AGAWAN LEVELS. I even saw some pati plants nya akala giveaway. ahhaha! So for her party, I was joking na “san na yung mga longanisa ko?” haha! I love Tessa! She’s really the cutest!

Personalized chocos! Sweet as Tessa!

Tessa, D + V

Cute detail! V is super into cufflinks. But this is not his. I think he saw it on someone… Hehe, UPDATE! Dennis just tweeted.. pirate nga naman pala. I was thinking Alexader McQueen or Skeletor of he-man. hehe! GOT IT! KAY DENNIS TOH!

Bakit ang itim ni V dito? hahahah!

To more birthdays Tessa! I love you so much!

See you on Saturday!

Much love,