This Venice trip was with my architects. I really wanted to visit Venice last year but unfortunately I really had no business there and it was pretty hard to find a short vacay from all the European Pinoy fiestas.

Remember what I said about being the go-to girl of my boy friends? Ako taga tulong sa pagligaw… well, this is another example! I helped my boy bestie EBOY… PROPOSED! YES! Fairy tale talaga because Venice was actually his girlfriend-then-fiance-now’s dream city!

I don’t want to go into details kasi baka private people sila but super sweet sya! We had to trick the girl into thinking that we were invited to a posh event kaya kailangan nya maggown. Nagkataon may event sa plaza so she thought she was going there! SO after the guy proposed sa gondola, sabi nya “tara na sa event”.. natawa talaga ako… “Gaga, hindi tayo invited, kyeme lang yun!” haha! But God loves romantic situations that even if we weren’t invited we managed to get in the event! SAYA! Perfect nightcap to a perfect proposal!

Venice is a must see. The air is filled with love talaga! Parang every corner is a scene from a love story. But I think my best memory of Venice was when we went there during Karnival! Everyone was in todo Venetian costumes!

See? Wala pa yan! As in madmai silang ganyan. Me being the chizmosa spoke to a local and asked why they have this celebration kasi ang bongga talaga nya. Nung panahon daw ni Magellan at Lapu-lapu (basta matagal na not sure when ok? haha!) very evident ang social classes. European aristocracy was at the peak. So once a year, people can come in disguise so then rich and poor can mingle with each other. Pantay pantay lahat 🙂 I think the meaning behind the occasion gives more importance to the event other than the bonggalicious costumes.

The Venice canals.

Tambay sa kanto.

Original windblown effect yan ha!

Yan ang taxi nila! bongga!

Taxi driver. Bawal sabit dito.

The whole place sinks daw yearly 🙁

Venice at night

Wala lang. Baket may angal?

We got lost in Venice. Which is pretty common kasi magkakamukha ng kanto nila. And every spot is a photo opportunity!

Rialto Bridge

Ayan…gusto mo um-outfit? MAGBUHAT KA NG BAG MO!

During the proposal! Venice is the place where Bellini originated! Bellini in a bottle!

The newly engaged!

Before the actual proposal. Naguguluhan na si Bambi, bakit pa kami naggondola.

D naman obvious na yes ang sagot.

Chikahan galore!

Emotera. Nakahanap lang ng lamppost.

Sweet! Pang wedding video!

Like all the masks of the venetian carnival, i hope may automask ang mga mata natin. That we don’t judge people (if you’re not JLO- ika nga ni Max and Nicole) because of what they have or their social classes. Reality is we are worth more than our bank accounts and wallets. Pag dating natin sa gate ni san pedro hindi ka nya hihingan ng financial statement or itatanong kung anong credit limit ng credit card mo. In the end, we leave all those behind- we bring what we did. Yan ang tatanong ni Pareng San Pedro. Anong ganap mo sa earth? That legacy last longer. I hope like the carnivals of Venice, we can make it a carnival in our heart every day. Pantay pantay lang. Kahit Yao Ming ang height ko in heels, kay God na nasapinaka mataas.. lahat tayo pantay lang. Gets nyo? FIne bigyan ko kayo exampleL: Like when you see ants, nakikita nyo ba sinong masmataas? masmayaman? Masbongga ang ant hill? Hindi. Lahat sila langam. Sana we learn from the carnival and ants story. Practice natin today and hopefully masanay tayo at gawin habit.

Much love,